Vanessa Research Inc. Announces Launch of MVID Educational Website and Video in Turkish Language

Hamden, CT – Vanessa Research Inc. (VRI) is pleased to announce the launch of its educational website focused on microvillus inclusion disease (MVID) translated into the Turkish language. The website explains the mechanism of MVID, provides targeted resources both for doctors and caregivers, and publishes new scientific research and other pertinent news and information related to this rare genetic disease. Additionally, Turkish-speaking visitors will have the opportunity to view VRI’s recently released educational video on MVID.

MVID is exceedingly rare, but many of the documented cases are located in the Middle East. Until now, Turkish-speaking caregivers have been provided with little access to information regarding the devastating disease affecting their children. The goal of VRI’s new Turkish-language website is to give parents and caregivers in the Middle East the ability to benefit from new information and education on MVID.

According to Ferenc Fazekas, Director of Business Development at VRI: “The goal of the translation of both the educational website and the video was to allow parents and caregivers who – due to the language barrier – haven’t previously had access to information on the terrible disease to benefit from these resources in their language.”

Given its rarity, it is uncommon for microvillus inclusion disease to receive attention from media outlets, leading to a lack of awareness of this devastating disease. By providing consistent and accurate information in a variety of languages (with English and Turkish sites live, and an Arabic language site to be launched in the near future), Vanessa Research Inc. aims to serve as a beacon for reliable information on MVID, and to spread awareness about this rare disease.

The company’s dedicated MVID educational website and video can be found at:

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